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Dr. Cheryl D’Costa, BPHE, ND, R.Ac is a licensed and certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario and a Licensed Naturopathic Physician in BC. She is also a Registered Acupuncturistin Ontario. Naturopathic Doctors, NDs, are licensed as Primary Health Care Providers. We can diagnose and treat from both an Eastern and Western perspective. The main difference is that we use naturally derived substances instead of pharmaceuticals to correct imbalances and remove obstacles to healing. We are holistic GPs.

As primary care practitioners, our mandate as ND's, is to facilitate the body’s natural inherent responses without masking or suppressing the symptomatology. 

At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre, we are the natural, safe and effective choice for your healthcare concerns. We offer many services and focus on health throughout all the seasons of life. Our chief focus is on mind-body medicine. Whether you are searching for an alternative or complementary approach to your current health needs, looking to reduce health concerns, preventing familial health risk factors, or wanting to facilitate a speedy recovery from a sports injury or illness, treat an acute or chronic injury or ailment, we offer comprehensive and integrative health solutions above and beyond conventional treatment options. 

Each individual comes into this world with a unique temperament, reactional mode and constitutional genetic make-up. As we encounter life's challenges and evolve through the stages of life, we are faced with lifestyle choices and unique life circumstances that define our physical manifestations and self actualizations. 

We are both unique and complex beings. We are dynamic and constantly evolving with the natural fluxes of the universal ebb and flow. We are in constant communion with our environments and the context of our individual circumstances. We are conscious beings generating impulses of thoughts and energy. We are electro-biochemically driven... We are the physical manifestations of our thoughts with incredible capabilities for adaptation, auto-regulation and self-regeneration...

For health to ensue, we must balance the psycho-neuro-immunological sphere. Each individual represents a whole; mind, body, spirit and emotion, and conflicts or ailments can permeate all levels of our being and manifest disturbances wherever we carry our unique susceptibilities. It it thus important to help restore normal physiological processes and to help restore the cellular communication pathways.

Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways

Specific remedies are used to promote a healthy clearing of toxins from intracellular (inside the cells) to extracellular (outside the cells) spaces. This form of medicine aids in balancing the physiology and facilitates toxin removal whereby toxins can be mobilized through the lymphatic circulation for proper elimination.  It is important to consult your Naturopathic Doctor prior to beginning any type of detoxification program. Over-the counter detoxification programs may not be appropriate as they do not take the necessary natural laws into consideration and may actually mobilize intermediate toxins that can be translocated to other tissues and reactivated.

At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre, we strive to balance and reframe these foundational formative aspects so individuals can regain the balance they need to fortify the self and re-align to health and their higher purpose in life.

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