Lifestyle Counseling ~The Holistics of Health


Holistic Balance

The principles of Naturopathic Medicine incorporate a comprehensive and holistic approach to assessing health and dis~ease.

We are complex beings and are in a constant dynamic interaction with our thoughts, emotions, physical and mental states and well as our environments. 

Our thoughts, attitudes and perceptions all influence our choices and our choices determine our overall health outcomes, whether we are consciously aware of them or not. This is the fabric of our beings and our lifestyle choices represent an important thread that weaves itself through the tapestry of our lives and how we carry ourselves through. 


Changing The Channel


It is therefore important to understand how the mind-body-spirit connection influences our psycho-neuro-immunology and how quickly our biology can change based on the molecules of our emotions and from that which we input and intake into our systems.

We, as individuals and as the collective, have the innate power and ability to alter the manifestations of disease by exerting free will and making responsible choices. There is alchemy in shifting our thoughts.

At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre, we help educate individuals so they can navigate effectively through life while making healthy, conscious choices with sustainable outcomes.  

We assess your lifestyle from a micro as well as a macro vantage point of view to include how your physical environment, pollution, nutrition, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are intertwined with the manifestations of disease in order to facilitate deeper understandings to empower, inspire and catalyze the makings of healthier life choices. 


Shift Yourself

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