Naturopathic Medicine~ A Fusion of Healing Tools!


There are many Naturopathic therapeutic options, and at Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre, Dr. Cheryl D’Costa, BPHE, ND, R.Ac has a large tool kit of therapeutic modalities and certifications to choose from. This provides the flexibility to initiate an individualized treatment plan customized for each patient, with the primary goal being to restore health, harmonize imbalances and resolve disturbances in a comprehensive and integrative approach.The following is an overview of the spectrum of Naturopathic treatment options available,

 ​“It is more important to know what patient has the disease than to know what disease the patient has."  - Hippocrates  

Lab Diagnosis


Both standardized medical tests as well as specialized naturopathic diagnostic tests are used to diagnosis and monitor treatment progress. We offer a wide array of diagnostic tests ranging from Comprehensive Digestive Analysis, Food Allergies & Food Sensitivities, Vitamin, Nutrient & Essential Fatty Acid Deficiencies, Salivary Hormone Testing and many more. These tests provide valuable information and insights and often reveal the missing links in previously undiagnosed health challenges. All lab tests are performed via accredited labs. 

Physical Therapies


Physical Therapies incorporates the use of various naturopathic hands-on techniques and orthopaedic assessments to alleviate pain, gently mobilize and treat musculoskeletal and joint ailments for an improved structure, function and range of motion. 

Therapies include a variety or integration of any of the following based on presentation: 

Bowen Therapy, 

Craniosacral Therapy, 

Visceral Manipulation, 



Applied Kinesiology,

Herbal Infused Massages

Description of Services Covered Under Naturopathic Medicine


Herbal Remedies & Botanical Medicine

Herbal Remedies & Botanical Medicine

Since the dawning of time, plant based medicines have been used as powerful tools to nourish, cleanse, restore and balance organ functions and to help align us to our higher purposes. Indigenous elders began working with the plant medicines, cultivating and harvesting different parts of the plants to treat different conditions. There is now great emerging science supporting the phytotherapeutic actions of the plant based medicines used by our elders. These medicines spring from nature's pharmacy and carry an essential vital force within. They can treat both acute and chronic conditions, mild to severe conditions, they address illnesses, promote health, restore vitality and connect us to our environment.


Homeopathy & Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy & Homeopathic Medicine

This form of medicine is based on the application of the “law of similars” in which a unique remedy is selected that matches and clears the unique constellation of symptoms. Remedies may originate from the plant, mineral, or animal kingdoms. Remedy selection is based on matching the universal vital force of the remedy to the vital force of the individual seeking treatment in order to instigate a healing response. Homeopathic medicine can treat the constitutional as well as balance and compensate the miasmatic 

underlying susceptibilities of an individual by altering the terrain in which illness resides.


Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle Counseling

There are many determinants of health. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and environmental factors all influence health and sense of well-being. 

Lifestyle patterns are viewed from both the micro and macroscopic perspectives to examine the impact of these life choices as determinants of health. We work at the level of mind-body-spirit to help cohesively integrate your unique system, address the incongruities and empower healthy changes with tangible tools and steps to help you navigate yourself for improved healthy outcomes.


Clinical Nutrition, Diet & Nutritional Assessments

Diet & Nutrition

Food is medicine. The relationship between diet and health is fundamental as food nutrients become the building blocks for our DNA, cells, tissues and organs and determines our overall status of health and wellness. At Evolve Naturopathic, we incorporate both the energetic principles of foods to eat right for your condition from an eastern perspective, as well as the scientific complexities of functional foods to restore proper cellular nutritional exchanges and healthy organ functions from the western perspective.


Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational medicine is a system of medicine that applies the use of dynamic energetic remedies or plant essences along with various forms of energetic body work to balance the body's harmonics. These therapies are aimed at clearing disrupting energetic oscillations and returning the system to a harmonious rhythm and flow. The treatments are aimed at correcting the flow of chi or energy through the body to correct the energetic blockages, disturbances and stressors so that one may regain their natural state of vibrant health.




Reiki is a gentle but powerful hands-on form of energetic body work. It was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 and uses powerful symbols to help imprint the universal flow of energy into the system. Reiki is used to restore this universal flow that courses within and around us by assisting in clearing energetic blockages in ones' system permitting one to tap into the universal flow and to move through life...on purpose. 


Advanced Bowen Therapy

Advanced Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a gentle, dynamic soft tissue therapy that re-patterns, re-aligns and re-balances illness or injury patterns in the body. This innovative and powerful form of body work incorporates moves along key acupuncture points and the meridian system, neurolymphatic and neurovascular points, and musculoskeletal trigger points to successfully treat and accelerate the healing process.  

It also works along Pythagoras's Theorum to shift body harmonics to realign realign, thus rebalance and reinvigorate injury & pain patterns. Bowen provides excellent results in both acute and chronic conditions & pain patterns… 


Biotherapeutic Drainage

Biotherapeutic Drainage is an eclectic form of medicine that uses complexed remedies to facilitate cellular, organ & system detoxification to help restore and regulate the body’s natural physiological processes. This unique system of natural remedies exert their influences by enhancing deep organ specific cellular detoxification and tissue regeneration, through biochemical enzymatic shifts. The remedies used in this treatment process are formulated in Europe by the founding eclectics using a proprietary blend of herbs, trace elements and homeopathic preparations to activate cells, mobilize toxins and stimulate metabolic pathways based on the inherent reactional modes and miasmatic diathesis of the individual to best balance their terrain.

It helps to detoxify both intra & extra cellular toxins from the system.


Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology

This unique form of treatment focuses on the relationship between nutritional status and musculoskeletal performance. It is an additional tool used to assess nutritional deficiencies and to balance musculoskeletal function, mobilization, strength, structure and function. 


Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine: 

For over 3,000 years acupuncture has been used to stimulate and promote a balanced flow of Chi (“life force”) throughout the meridians (or pathways) in the human body to manage pain, prevent disease, reduce stress & improve well-being…  


Cosmetic Acupuncture~ Nature Inspired Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic Acupuncture: Nature Inspired Facial Rejuvenation 

Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy designed to tonify the tissues, stimulate collagen production, diminish fine lines & wrinkles, and uplift facial features. We use a four step approach to treat the premature aging effects from the inside & out! 


Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways

 This is a unique treatment process involving establishing several key foundational nutritive, metabolic, and detoxification steps designed to support proper cellular communication. When our cellular communication systems have been restored, a dynamic and fluid exchange begins to occur, allowing cells to quench their thirst for nutrient intakes, while concurrently releasing intracellular toxins out of the cells (extracellularly) where they can be swept away for removal. When cells are healthy, their energy balance shifts, they spin in the right direction and they become highly efficient at processing internal messages and physiological reactions correctly to help restore health and vitality. 


Massage: Naturopathic Massage Therapy with Herbal Infused Lotions

Massage Therapy is a hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues used to increase circulation, relax muscles, and relieve pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.  

Athletic Relief Herbal Infused Sports Massage:A special herbal infused Arnica based formulation is used to help heal muscle injuries and to accelerate recovery rates.  This treatment seeks to eliminate lactic acid build-up, muscle pain and tension resulting in more efficient athletic performance and increase work-out benefits. 

Mood Elevating Massage: By using a unique herbal infused lotion, this massage treatment helps to elevate your mood and alleviate the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in addition to other conditions associated with dispirited and low moods.


Visceral Manipulation

A gentle hands-on therapy that helps to restore and balance the natural dynamic motions and rhythms of the internal organs by focusing on releasing tissue adhesions and restrictions due to traumas, scarring, pathologies and injuries.


CranioSacral Therapy

This gentle technique helps to calm and re~balance the nervous system. It facilitates the rhythmic flow of cerebral spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord and induces a still point within the cental nervous system.

This treatment produces a deep sense of relaxation. It can be safely used to treat infants to the elderly.




Centuries old, hydrotherapy is a European healing art that incorporates the healing principles and properties of water to support the detoxification of organs and systems. This strongly restorative therapy enhances the body’s innate self-regulatory functions, stimulates vitality, removes tissue congestion and stagnation, and mobilizes stored metabolic waste and toxins and detoxifies the organs at a deep cellular level to help reinvigorate and re~vitalize the system.

Chose the service you prefer

We offer a wide variety of services in order to help heal and rebalance your system.

Specific recommendations will be made based on which modality or combination thereof would best help treat your condition