Oxidative Stress Assessments

Oxidata Free Radical Test:


 This is a quick urinalysis test that assesses the urine for the presence of abnormally high levels of free radicals or reactive oxygen species. It provides valuable information on your baseline antioxidant status and can be measured to improve your overall health and prevent chronic disease.

The dynamic interplay between free radicals, antioxidants, and co-factors is important in maintaining health, proper aging and preventing age-related diseases.

Chronic free radical damage has been implicated in many disease processes and is an established contributor to premature aging by inducing oxidative stress. An example would be slicing an apple only to find that once you eat it, the sliced appearance is no longer a healthy colour, it has oxidized and turned brown.

Free radicals are like fire in your system.  When the levels of free radicals reach a certain threshold, they start attacking normal, healthy cells and tissues, they 

adversely alter lipids, proteins, and DNA and trigger further disease processes by contributing to an acidic terrain. This occurs when the level of antioxidant activity is inadequate to counter balance these reactions. 

The Oxidata™ Test determines the level of stress on your body caused by free radical activity. This test is beneficial for people of all ages to determine if they are getting enough antioxidants through their diet and/or supplements to effectively counteract free radical cell damage and are helpful in making appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes.

Causes of free radical damage


Some free radicals arise normally during daily endogenous metabolic processes. They can be created by our immune systems to purposefully neutralize viruses and bacteria. However, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides can also spawn free radicals.​ They can also be formed due to
heavy metals and petrochemicals in our foods and environments, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, cooked oils and fats, exposure to radiation, mental & emotional stress and low dietary intake of antioxidant rich foods.

Discover Your Need for Antioxidants


The Oxidata™ Test is the world’s first and only non-invasive urine test that measures the amount of free radicals or oxidants in the body. 

This test kit can be completed in 5 simple minutes from the comfort of your own home after an initial Naturopathic Assessment to determine if this test is appropriate for you.  

Other Tests Available to Measure Acidic Terrains

Koenisburg Test - Urinary Adrenal Stress Test:

This test measures urine for the presence of chlorides. Levels of urinary chlorides are used as reliable indicators of weakened adrenal glands, stressed kidneys, excess mineral losses and imbalanced acid-base balances.

Urinary & Salivary pH Tests

These are non-invasive tests that measure the urinary and salivary pH levels to assess overall health status.  

The salivary pH challenge test measures how your body reacts to an acid (lemon juice) challenge and the rapidity of the buffering system to rebalance the pH levels back to normal limits.

An overly acidic terrain is associated with inflammation and many disease processes.