Immune Boosting Programs




Our immune systems are our primal systems of defence. The mechanisms behind our immune reactions allow us to safely interact with and adapt to our ever changing environments.

We are all born with a natural, non-specific immunity that over time develops into an advanced immunity of specificity.

It is important to train and support the natural evolution in the immune system and to support the stages of immune development.

Suppressing symptoms is not the answer as this only acts to drive unresolved ailments deeper into the tissues.

Immune Boosting Programs will vary and are based on individual health assessments. Chronic underlying conditions such as food allergies, auto-immune processes, bad diets, poor lifestyles, and chronic stress can all trigger a weakening in the immunity.

Treatments are geared towards mitigating reactions by resolving underlying causal factors.

To learn more, please click on the following link for the Immunidex Ratio, Allergy Testing, Intestinal Permeability Assessment or Comprehensive Digestive Panels.

Cold & Flu Treatment & Prevention Programs


Colds and flus vary annually and can cause severe illness. Typical annual vaccinations are manufactured by choosing the virus that is suspected to be the next culprit.

It is important to develop a healthy respect for pathogens. It is equally important to take preventative actions and prepare the body by providing the necessary tools and nutrition to support, protect, boost and modulate the immune system so it can rev into action when required to mount a healthy and trained response.

Your best defence is your immune defence.

Be prepared and schedule an appointment early to learn how to best protect yourself and your family.

Allergy Elimination Programs


 Allergies are on the rise. There are many cumulative reasons for this and there is an array of differing clinical presentations.

Allergies can be minimalistic at first, and then rapidly progressive. It is important to assess individual allergenic triggers and the corresponding family of foods with similar offending proteins so as to educate oneself for future prevention, proper food elimination, detoxification, rotational diets and potential food re-introduction schedules. Food re-introduction is avoided in true food allergies, but may be possible in food sensitivities. This is based on an individual basis.

At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre we offer a wide range of food and environmental allergy testing for both immediate and delayed reactions, food sensitivities and food intolerances.

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