At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre we offer an onsite Dispensary to better suit the needs of our clients.

Our remedies are selected from professional grade nutraceutical and homeopathic companies with NPNs (Natural Product Numbers) and HPNs (Homeopathic Product Numbers) respectively just as pharmaceuticals have a DIN (Drug Identification Number).

All products are professional grade, GMP certified, third-party tested and eco-sustainable where possible.

We do our best to provide organic, wild-crafted, spagyric and anthroposophically based remedies.  

Remedies are prescribed with a specific treatment goal in mind. Naturopathic Doctors are the only alternative practitioners who are able to do a full work-up, run diagnostic tests, treat and prescribe. We NDs have over four years of clinical training and practice and understand drug-nutrient depletions, drug-nutrient interactions and the synergistic physiological and biochemical application of natural health care products and pharmaceutical grade natural supplements, botanicals and homeopathic preparations.

As treatments progress, individual needs and requirements evolve. It is important for clinical supervision and assessments in your treatment goals and to alter the course of treatments as your physiology begins to shift.  

Natural health products will be recommended and sold only after a full Naturopathic consult or follow-up. Products are not available or sold to the general public.

Please call to inquire into scheduling an appointment so the right course, dose and appropriate supplements can be selected for your specific health concerns.