Herbal Remedies & Botanical Medicine

Cultivating Health ~The Healing Power of Nature~


Herbal Medicine has been around since the dawning of time. 

The jungles, forests, fields and planes all provided an abundant array of wild plants growing amidst differing soils, terrains and climates. 

These wild plants, trees and flowers were to become the first botanical apothecary...in essence, nature's abundant pharmacy, and continue to be so in this day and age. 

They were the first medicines to be cultivated and harnessed by indigenous healers, shamans, curanderos and medicine men and medicine women across the globe. 

The power of plants to heal has transcended through time and space, multiple generations and has permeated  through all cultures from around the globe. 

It is just recently, that science has  begun to finally recognize botanical medicine as a true and effective ally in the treatments of disease.  

Herbal medicines represent the true healing power of nature. They harness the Vis Medicatrix Naturae. They carry specific essences, vital forces and energetic frequencies along with specialized phytonutrients, phytochemicals and phytohormones. 

Phytonutrients include vitamins, minerals, trace elements, alkaloids, essential oils, and specialized phyto-compounds unique to each plant, each botanical family, and each part of said plants. They are truly remarkable.  

The plant kingdoms from which these healing compounds are naturally derived are complexed and varied. 

At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre, botanical medicine is an essential ally in the healing process. Different parts of the plants may be used at various stages of disease development, and for varying intensities of ailments. 

We use the buds, the young shoots, roots, stems or leaves or whole plant combinations, depending on the ailment being treated and the age of the patient. Nature is brilliant in its infinite wisdom. It has provided us with the tools necessary to balance, harmonize, repair, regenerate, soothe and heal.    

Botanical Medicine is both and art and a science. The power of plants must be respected and ordered in its uses and applications. 

Their is a natural law at play and we must remember not to take the plant kingdom for granted or disregard the strength of their therapeutic actions and applications to treat innumerable health conditions. It is only now that science is finally catching up to clinically prove what indigenous elders and eclectic healers have known for centuries. Nature provides, and she is the best pharmacy available. Most pharmacological drugs are synthetic versions of natures phytocompounds. The body inherently only recognizes that which is natural and known to our systems through the evolution of time. The body cannot process synthetic mimickers to the same extent without side effects or consequences.  

At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre, we do our best to only use organic or wild crafted herbal remedies that have been responsibly and sustainably cultivated. 

The majority of our botanicals are spagyric formulations and are based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophical medicine. This means that plants are collected and harvested at the peak of their vitality and highest expression so they can exert the most comprehensive and vital therapeutic effects possible.   

Herbal Remedies and Botanical Medicines can exert powerful effects and can be used in a variety of treatment applications. 

Various components of plants at various stages of plant growth and development are used to match the particular age or conditioned pattern we are looking to treat. This is an incredible art and science and it is important to have a proper naturopathic work-up to determine the best phytotherapeutic treatment approach to evolve an individual back to health.   

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