Weight Management Program


Healthy Weight Loss Programs

Sustaining a healthy weight is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and modifying behaviours.

Diet and exercise regimes play a large role. So to do lifestyles and metabolic changes as we begin to age and our systems switch gears.

There are many factors involved in weight gain, and weight gained in certain areas may represent specific organ system dysfunction or increased risk factors for other health conditions.

At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre we assess the causal factors for weight gain and treat accordingly. Weight gain can be attributed to poor eating habits, allergenic complexes, acidic diets, metabolic imbalances and endocrine or hormonal problems caused by environmental toxins.

There can also be deeper layers of trauma that one is trying to insulate the self from and this represents a psychological level of involvement. Once the underlying issues are assessed, we tailor a specific treatment program to address the underlying physiological and behavioural challenges for optimal results.

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