Homeopathy & Homeopathic Medicines

Matching The Vital Force~ Applying The Law of Similars

What is Homeopathic Medicine?


The art and science of homeopathy was established in the late 1700s by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann as a healing modality during a time when the current annals of medicine involved rudimentary yet acceptable medical customs of the day.

Homeopathy is a unique system of medicine in which a minute, trace amount of a substance is given to mirror the exacting effects within the body of what that substance does in nature.  

The key principle of homeopathic medicine is to stimulate the organism's vital force using a homeopathic remedy that aligns with the individual’s clinical picture using the law of similars to most accurately match their individualized presentation of the constellation of presenting symptoms. 

This comprehensive approach to treatment facilitates the removal of the key obstacles to cure and elicits the body’s inherent vital force to mobilize and organically auto-regulate the disrupting oscillations within the organism.  

Hahnemann applied the technique of adding kinetic energy to the homeopathic dilutions through the process of shaking or ‘succussion.’ Through the combination of succussions and serial dilutions, Hahnemann created a ‘potentization’ or ‘dynamisation’ to the substance to animate its vital force. 

He observed that the more the substance was succussed and diluted, the greater the therapeutic effect was whilst simultaneously nullifying the toxic effect. It is through this process of diluting remedies that Hahnemann discovered that homeopathic remedies not only forestalled ‘aggravations’ but seemed to act much faster and more effectively. They were, paradoxically weaker but more potent.

It was the individual's vital force merging with the homeopathic vibration that was responsible for the orderly and healthy processes of the body, and for coordinating the body’s defences against disease!

How Does it Work?

The art and science of homeopathic medicine can be applied to treat causal disturbances of the mind, body, spirit and essence of an individual. 

These remedies engage the organism to react and respond by balancing the perturbing disturbances across all realms of the organism and bridge the gap between mind-body and spirit. They cause a shift in our field and invoke a response that transforms an imbalanced state of being. They can also act on our delicate psyches and shift us out of states that are incompatible with our healing processes. 

There are many principles in the application of homeopathic medicine. It can be used to treat first aid and acute ailments, chronic deep seated issues, offending mental states, perturbances of the spirit or physical body, and treating the ingestion of noxious substances. 

In Homeopathy we can also apply the principles of hormesis, whereby using trace, almost undetectable amounts of a homeopathic substance, we are able to clear deep imbued toxins from the system using a delicate process to facilitate detoxification. 

The therapeutic applications of homeopathy are safe to use on all ages and all conditions. 

The beauty of homeopathy is that there are no risks of interactions even if someone is concurrently taking prescription medications. 

The therapeutic effects can range from immediate relief to longer term subtle, gradual and progressive changes and resolutions. 

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At Evolve Naturopathic Vitality Centre, Dr. Cheryl D’Costa, BPHE, ND, R.Ac has studied with the worlds best leaders in the field of homeopathy. 

She approaches the individual not only from a constitutional approach but from a miasmatic approach as well. This entails treating not only the totality of the symptom picture, but treating the individual; their temperament, their reactional mode and their constitution all at the same time. 

This unique method founded by the late Dr. Gerard Gueniot, sees faster and more comprehensive treatment outcomes and vital force.

Hahnemann referred to the Vital Force as a form of electromagnetic energy or vibrational medicine that could balance out the oscillating disturbances of a maladie.

The coherent energy of a healthy individual could become disturbed by disruptions in the system stemming from stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, inherited constitutional problems, or climatic change, illness or traumas or decompensations in the miasmatic diathesis.

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